‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ threatens to increase racial attacks on Hindus in the US :  Fear of Hindus in the US

Editorial Comment

  • Will the Central Government at least now pay attention to this and take steps for the safety of Hindus all over the world ?

New Delhi – Hindus living in the United States fear that Hindu hatred spread through the ‘Dismantling of Global Hindutva’ Conference organised by leftists of the United States will increase the racial attack on Hindus in the United States.

Journalist Ashok Srivastava said that an international conference was organised to uproot Hindutva. It included several Universities.  It is a conspiracy of those who hate Hindus.

Protests were also held in some parts of the United States against the conference. Protesting Hindus say that many Indian and Hindu students are studying in the Universities, which are participating in the conference. The Hindu hatred is spread through conferences will have bad implications. In addition, such conferences can now be held in other countries as well.

The famous MP from America, however, said that this conference is a gathering of anti-Hindu people. Such conferences encourage attacks on Hindus in the US. Some universities clarified that we are not part of this conference but some of our Professors may have participated in it.

Hindutva is to be destroyed – Akanksha Mehta

Editorial Comment

  • Attempts to destroy Hindutva have failed in history.  It is ridiculous that a handful of insignificant people are taking the vow to destroy the Hindutva, which even Mughals and British could not achieve !

Akanksha Mehta, who participated in the conference ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’, said in the conference that we aim to destroy Hindutva. Hindutva is not Hinduism. Hindutva is a dangerous thing and in the future, it will take us to a place where we don’t want to go.