Hundreds of Hindus fled the Muslim-majority Malpura area of ​​Rajasthan

Editorial comments

  • No wonder Hindus are in such a situation in Congress-ruled Rajasthan. The BJP Government at the Centre is expected to intervene directly in this matter and reassure the Hindus in Rajasthan.
  • The so-called secularists and intellectuals will never utter a word of protest in this regard !
Hindus rallied and submitted an appeal to the Administration

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Hindu families in Malpura, Tonk District of Rajasthan, are selling their houses, shops, and fleeing the place. Hindus living in Muslim-majority areas have put up posters outside their homes – ‘We have to flee with our families because we are helpless’, and have called on PM Modi and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to intervene.

On 7th September, almost 100 people of the same terrorized Hindu families took out a poster march and submitted a memorandum to the Malpura SDM office, expressing grief over the atrocities being perpetrated on them in the area and demanding justice. (It is a shame that in a Hindu-majority India, Hindus have to hold such marches for their own safety ! – Editor)

These Hindus, who handed over the memorandum to Malpura SDM Rakesh Kumar Meena, claimed that communal tensions have existed in Malpura since 1952. They reported that approximately 600 to 800 households had sold their homes to Muslims and moved out of the region.

Meat markets are operating illegally near temples, causing the temple’s Idols to be sent elsewhere, read the memorandum.

The anti-Hindu stance of the State Administration

After the march, instead of giving justice to Hindus, the Administration held Hindus responsible for disturbing religious harmony. The Administration warned Hindus to remove the posters from their houses. Following this, the Police went to Hindu houses and tried to remove the posters; but were prevented from doing so after strong opposition.

The Malpura area is considered to be religiously sensitive. More than 50 people have been killed in earlier tensions here. So far, 200 Hindu families have demanded security; but they have not been provided security. (This is the anti-Hindu Administration and Congress Government unforgivably ignoring the demands of Hindus ! – Editor)