I used to get peace of mind by serving meat to my Hindu friend on Shrikrushna Jayanti : Chughtai, Urdu author

BBC publishes Anti-Hindu excerpts from the biography of 20th century Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai

Editorial comments

  • Fanatics are taught Hindu hatred from their childhood. Thus, their anti-Hindu mentality is nourished from an early age. It shows the futility of the ‘Sarva-Dharma-Sama-Bhav’ concept and Hindus who adopt such concepts are so ignorant !
  • Will the secularists and progressive factions praising Ismat Chughtai say anything now ? Or will they keep mum on the issue and show support to Chughtai ?
  • Will the litterateurs returning awards by branding Hindus as aggressive, say anything in the matter ?

 New Delhi – “There was nothing untouchable in fruits, snacks (fried in oil or ghee) and biscuits; therefore, I used to make my Hindu friend Sushi eat meat by misleading her on the day of Shrikrushna Jayanti. It used to give me peace of mind”, states Urdu author Ismat Chughtai in her biography. On the occasion of Shrikrushna Jayanti, the BBC news channel has published some excerpts from ‘Kagazi hai Pairhan’, the autobiography of Indian Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai. In this autobiography, Ismat Chughtai has narrated a few incidents of her childhood. Chugtai was born in 1915 in Badayun district of Uttar Pradesh and she passed away in 1991. (BBC news channel and its website are constantly making a mockery of Hindu Dharma and Deities. The auspicious day of Shrikrushna Jayanti was chosen by them to publish some excerpts from a writer belonging to the 20th century who has been forgotten by now. It shows the level of Hindu hatred filled among the Editorial Board and reporters of BBC! Hindus must boycott such BBC ! – Editor)

Writer Ismat Chughtai has stated in her autobiography,

On the day of Bakri Eid, goats used to be slaughtered at my house. Its meat used to be distributed for many days after Eid. During those days, my friend Sushi’s parents used to keep their doors closed.

Hindus used to celebrate Shrikrushna Jayanti with great joy. The aroma of delicacies made on the occasion used to fill the atmosphere; therefore, I used to feel like visiting Hindus’ houses. One day, I had gone to the premises of Sushi’s house. In her house, they used to apply ‘tilak’ over the forehead at the time of ‘puja’ and one woman from her house applied such ‘Tilak’ even for me. With the ‘tilak’ on my forehead, I directly entered their ‘pujaghar’ and tried to steal the Idol of Shrikrushna kept in a silver cradle, but Sushi’s grandmother saw it; so she sent me out of the house. (It shows the need for Hindus to be careful about whom they allow in their houses. – Editor)

After many years when I returned to Agra from Aligarh, I had gone for ‘Haldi (a pre-wedding)’ ceremony of Sushi. I went to her room where there was a small temple of Shrikrushna. I am a Muslim and Idol-worshiping is a crime under Islam. (Religious fanatics have been destroying Idols of Hindu Deities for thousands of years, demolishing temples, and desecrating Hindu Dharma again and again. When will Hindus, lacking love and respect for their Dharma, realise this ? – Editor)