A 12-year-old boy at Brisbane (Australia) was stopped from participating in a football game for wearing a Tulsi mala

The boy denied the offer to play the game after removing the necklace

Editorial comment

  • It is commendable that we have such devout Hindu kids abroad. However, it is disgraceful that we seldom find such children in India.

Brisbane (Australia) – ‘The Australia Today’ published news, Shubh Patel, a 12-year-old football player of Indian origin was sent off the field for wearing a mala (religious necklace) made of holy basil wood beads (Tulsi mala). Shubh has been wearing this mala since he was 5-years-old, hence, he refused to remove it. He said he would rather keep following his Dharma than remove it just for one game. He has played fifteen matches wearing his religious mala and not once has he been asked to take it off by either his coach or teammates.

‘The mala gives me confidence and I feel protected’

Shubh Patel who plays for Toowong Soccer Club said removing the mala is against Hindu Dharma. In the Sanatan Dharma, it is auspicious wearing a mala used as a prasad in worship and chanting through it. If I remove the mala then God might think that I do not believe in Him. This mala gives me confidence and protects me.

Football Queensland has apologised to Shubh Patel’s family and Toowong Soccer Club

Football Queensland is a Government organisation. Football Queensland launched an investigation and has apologised to Shubh Patel’s family and Toowong Soccer Club. Football Queensland said that Football remains the most welcoming and inclusive sport in Queensland, respectful and embracing of all cultures and religions.