Reading Bhagwad Gita helps the injured athlete to overcome disappointment and win a bronze medal

Tokyo Paralympics event

Editorial comment

  • Will the rationalist denying the significance of Bhagwad Gita talk in this regard ?  Will those, who do not recover from depression despite modern treatment at least now understand the significance of spirituality ?


Tokyo (Japan) – Indian contingents are performing very well in the Tokyo Paralympics (an international sports event involving athletes with a range of disabilities). Indian athlete Sharad Kumar has won a bronze medal in the high jump. He narrated his experience that he faced knee injury during practice as a result of which he was disappointed by the thoughts whether he would be able to play in the final and if he would win the medal. He said that he was on the verge of withdrawing from the event. He cried the whole night before the event.

Then he talked to his family at night. His father asked him to read Bhagwad Gita and advised him to concentrate on what he could do and not on what is beyond his control. Then Sharad read the Bhagwad Gita. He forgot about his injury the next day and was ready for the high jump session. He said, “Every jump I took was like a battle. The medal is icing on the gold.” At the age of 2, Sharad was paralysed in his left leg after being given a fake dose of polio.