DMK Government plans to build toilets near ancient Srithalasayana Perumal Temple in Mallapuram, Tamil Nadu

Strong protest by the devotees

Editorial comments

  • Dear Hindus, realise the ill effects of the Government takeover of temples.
  • DMK Government’s condemnable act of arbitrarily taking decisions regarding temples by taking control of them! Hindus in Tamil Nadu need to fight against this in an organised and lawful manner.
  • The Central Government needs to make laws at the national level to prevent the Government takeover of Hindu temples.

Mallapuram (TN) – The DMK Government in Tamil Nadu has begun the process of removing several temples. Now, the State Government is planning to build toilets near the Srithalasayana Perumal temple at Mallapuram in the Thanjavur district. These toilets will create an unhygienic atmosphere near the temple and destroy the sanctity of the temple. Devotees have protested against the construction of toilets as it has hurt the religious sentiments of the devotees. The Panchayat of this place has invited tenders worth Rs. 5 lakhs for the construction of 6 toilets near the temple for the convenience of the devotees coming to the temple. The HR&CE (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment) department, instead of finding a secluded corner for building the toilet complex, has started constructing the toilets near the main shrine. Locals and devotees have opposed the Government’s move and demanded that the toilets be built away from the temple.

1. Devotees say that the construction of toilets right next to the temple will destroy the sanctity of the temple premises and pollute the holy water of the wells adjacent to the temple. Many trees in the vicinity of the temple have been cut down for this construction. This is also opposed by the devotees.

2. The residents and Hindu devotee pilgrims have petitioned the Chengalpattu District Collector to personally visit the place and build the toilet complex under his guidance in a secluded area far away from the main shrine, ancient well, and drinking water tank. It is hoped that the district administration takes immediate corrective measures, restores the greenery around the shrine, and gets the toilet complex constructed at a suitable distance away from the main shrine complex maintaining the sanctity of the ancient Temple.

3. Srithalasayana Perumal is an ancient temple in the centre of Mallapuram city. This is the place where Arjuna performed penance. This temple is the 63rd Divya Desam out of 108 Divya Desams (sacred places) described according to the Vaishnav sect.

4. According to the Vaishnav sect, the saints who worship Lord Vishnu have recited these divine verses. These people have the title ‘Azhwar’. Twelve such ‘Azhwars’ (saints) have recited 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu. Of these, the Srithalsayana Perumal Temple at Mallapuram is considered to be the most sacred pilgrimage site. Hindu devotees from all over India come to this place for Darshan.