The victim should not have gone to a secluded place with friends in the evening : State Home Minister

Case of gang rape in Mysore

Cover up after Chief Minister’s rebuke

Editorial Comments

  • Hindus do not expect the BJP Home Minister to say such a thing
  • In Ram Rajya, a woman could go out alone in the middle of the night wearing ornaments, whereas nowadays a young woman accompanied by friends is gang-raped in the daytime and the rulers hold the young woman accountable ! To change this situation, there should be a Hindu Rashtra of rulers who abide by Dharma.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – A few days ago, a young woman from Maharashtra, who was studying medicine in Mysore in the State, was gang-raped. Police have arrested several people in the case. Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said, “The incident took place in Mysore but the Congress was trying to gain political advantage. It was an inhuman incident. The young woman and her friend had gone to a secluded place. They should not have gone to such places. What was the young woman doing at a secluded place at seven o’clock in the evening?” He tried to convict the victim by asking such questions.

This has led to criticism of Jnanendra from the Opposition and the community. He replied that Congress was trying to rape him. Demands are now being made that he should resign.

While talking to reporters about it, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said, “I do not agree with the remarks made by our Home Minister about the rape case. I have directed him to explain.”

While responding to it, Jnyanendra said that it was not his intention to hurt anyone about this unfortunate incident. I am withdrawing my statement against the Congress party leaders. The Government and the Police have taken the matter very seriously. Every effort is being made to catch the culprits.