‘Hotstar’ starts web series ‘The Empire’ based on Islamic invader Babar

Editorial comments

  • Glorification of Babar despite his maligning India’s identity
  • All producers, directors, and artists should be sentenced to life imprisonment for praising Islamic invaders who had destroyed Hindu temples

Mumbai – On ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’, an ‘OTT App’, a web series titled ‘The Empire’ is being shown which is based on the barbaric Mughal invader Babar. On 27th August, its premiere was held. It is said that ‘The Empire’ is the costliest and mega-series made so far. It is essential to oppose the conspiracy of glorifying Mughal invaders like Babar. The serial has been produced by Nikhil Advani and directed by Mitakshara Kumar. It is based on the book ‘Empire of the Mughal’ authored by Alex Ruthford.

(Please note that it is a continuous attempt to hatch a conspiracy against India and Hindus through such vicious web series like ‘The Empire’! It was Babar who had destroyed Shriram Mandir at Ayodhya and erected construction in his name. After a prolonged and gory struggle of 5 centuries, a huge Shriram Mandir is being built in Ayodhya. Even then, glorifying such a tyrant Babar is not only Hindu-hatred but it is also sedition ! Hindus from all over India should oppose such things with unity and in a lawful manner.- Editor)

Devout Hindus from all over India are taking the following action to oppose ‘The Empire’ :

1. Uninstalling the ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’ app from their TV, laptops, and mobile phones.

2. Sending emails to ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’ opposing ‘The Empire’. Informing through email about their uninstalling this app.

3. Joining various trends on ‘twitter’ against this web series such as #UninstallHotstar, #BanTheEmpireSeries

Email address for registering protest : [email protected]

What is ‘OTT’?

‘OTT’ means ‘Over the Top’ Companies giving direct service to viewers through the internet. Viewers can watch entertainment programs like films, web series, etc through OTT.