Terrorists should not be sheltered under the guise of Afghan refugees: Russian President Putin

Editorial Comment

  • India should know what Russian President Putin knows, otherwise, the Taliban will infiltrate India in an attempt to shelter Afghan refugees.

Moscow (Russia) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has objected to the influx of refugees from Afghanistan into neighbouring countries of Russia. Putin says terrorists should not get shelter in the name of refugees. “We do not want Afghan terrorists in Russia”. Putin said

  1. Visas of the United States and Europe for refugees are being processed. Does this mean they are going to send refugees to our neighbouring countries, while they themselves are not allowing anyone to enter without a visa?
  2. Russia has praised the Taliban for handling the situation in Afghanistan. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Taliban leaders are living up to their promises so far. (Russia’s political interest is behind this admiration of the Taliban. It is because of such selfish superpowers that Afghanistan is in this situation today – Editor)