So far, nine Kashmiri Pandits have received their Kashmir properties back : Central Govt

520 Kashmiri pandits return to Kashmir

Editorial comment

Unfortunately, only 9 Kashmiri Hindus have received their properties back after returning to Kashmir. It means that a safe environment has not been created yet for Hindus in Kashmir. Only when the religious fanatics and the Jihadis are eradicated, Hindus will feel safe.

New Delhi – Central Government is trying to return the properties that belong to displaced Kashmiri Hindus. So far, nine of them have received their properties back. Union Minister of State for Home, Nityanand Rai said that District Magistrates of respective Districts will be the legal custodians of the properties of displaced Kashmiri Hindus. If anyone has encroached on these properties, District Magistrates will take legal action against them. Kashmiri Hindus can contact the District Magistrates to request their properties back.

According to the information provided by Jammu and Kashmir Government, after the abrogation of Article 370, a total of 520 displaced Kashmiri Hindus have returned to Kashmir. They can take up jobs under the Prime Minister’s Development Package – 2015.