Hundreds of religious fanatics attack 10 Hindu temples in Khulna District of Bangladesh

Attack on 4 big and 6 small temples 56 houses and shops of Hindus looted!

Editor’s comments

  • Constant attacks on minority Hindus and their religious places in Islamic countries is disgraceful for Hindus in India and all-party rulers. Now it has become inevitable to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra and stop such attacks.
  • The secularists, who are always making noise against giving Indian citizenship to Hindu refugees from Jihadi Pakistan and Bangladesh, are keeping mum now. The secularist politicians and progressive activists, who are always supporting Muslims even at trivial action taken against Muslims in India, should be taken to the task by Indian Hindus.
  • Indian news channels which constantly join political parties’ conspiracy of making false claims of attack on India’s minority population, never telecast news about attacks on minority Hindus living in Islamic countries as their ‘breaking news’; but they do not even bother to show such news in their scrolling tickers! Hindus must teach a lesson to these news channels by boycotting them.

(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Hundreds of religious fanatics gathered in the afternoon on 7th August in Shiyali village of Khulna District, and attacked and damaged 10 Hindu temples, among them were 4 big temples and 6 small. As per the information given by the local Hindus, the religious fanatics desecrated even the Idols in Govind Mandir, Shiyali Purvapara Hari Mandir, Shiyali Purvapara Durga Mandir and Shiyali Mahasmashan Mandir. It was followed by the fanatics attacking and looting 56 houses of Hindus and several shops. The fanatics also attacked Hindus with sharp weapons and injured them. They looted even Hindus’ cows and other pet animals. A local Police Superintendent visited the place of the incident after the attack, and a large Police force was deployed in this village.

1. As per the information given by the residents and leaders of ‘Puja Parishad’, on 6th August at around 9.00 p.m., a few local Hindu women were going for a ‘kirtan’ chanting ‘Hare Krishna’ on the way. As they passed by a mosque, they were stopped by its Imam and he asked them to stop chanting. This led to arguments between them. It was then decided to meet at the Police station on the following day to solve the issue.

2. However, the next day, hundreds of religious fanatics from the neighbouring Chandpur village entered Shiyali village armed with spanners, axes, knives, etc. and attacked temples; besides looting Hindus’ houses and shops.

Police disallowed Hindus to chase fanatics

Editor’s comment

  • What else is expected from the police of an Islamic country such as Bangladesh ?

As per the information given by Shaktipad Basu, the President of ‘Rupasha Thana Pujotsav Parishad’, Hindus demanded that Police should chase the attackers; but Police refused to do so; therefore, Hindus tried to go after the fanatics. The Police, however, stopped them and dissuaded them from going after the attackers.