Three Christians arrested for trying to convert a Hindu family in Varanasi

Lured with providing good life, food, and education to the children

Editor’s comment

Hindus ardently feel that the Modi Government should pass a strict law banning religious conversion to stop the conversion of Hindus.

Varanasi (UP) – Three Christians have been arrested in an area under the Phoolpur Police Station in Karkhiyavaon village for trying to convert a Hindu family to Christianity. The accused, a couple, Vijay Kumar and Kiran, and Neel Turai are from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. (Realise that despite being converted to Christianity, they retain their Hindu names, as it facilitates converting other Hindus. – Editor). Police arrested the accused due to the complaint filed by Pradesh Mantri Gaurish Singh, Hindu Jagaran Manch.

All the three accused had gone to Lalji Vishwakarma from Karkhiyavaon village. They allured the family by promising comfortable life, food and children’s education. A crime has been registered against the accused.