CPEC project in India : Stop the construction immediately, India warns China and Pakistan

India’s strict warning to both the countries for the first time.

  • Despite the anti-Indian projects continuing for the past many years on India’s land, why was it not stopped till now ? Why the opposition, otherwise taking the Government to task for petty reasons, did not ask the Government about it ?
  • Dear citizens realise that none of the Governments so far ever tried to retrieve the thousands of acres of land grabbed by China and Pakistan in the past 74 years of Independence. It will be possible only in the Hindu Rashtra.
  • Can we compare the brave soldiers sacrificing their life for every inch of land and the rulers up till now in 74 years after Independence letting go thousands of acres of land ?
  • The Government should understand that the borders can be secured not by giving verbal warnings but by stringent action. Indians expect such actions from the Government.

New Delhi – China–Pakistan’s Economic Corridor, that is, the CPEC project is being undertaken on the Indian land. India has warned China and Pakistan saying that the work of the project that is being carried out on illegally grabbed Indian land should be stopped immediately. India has given such a strict warning concerning CPEC to both the countries for the first time.

Pakistan’s Minister for External Affairs Shah Mahamud Qureshi and China’s Minister for External Affairs Wang had a meeting in Beijing recently. India has strongly objected to the mention of Kashmir by both nations in the joint statement published after the meeting. India criticised both these nations that they should stop interfering in India’s internal matters.

Arindam Bagchi, Spokesperson of India’s External Affairs said that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were India’s inseparable parts. There is a mention of the CPEC project in the representation. We have always told both nations that the so-called project is operating on India’s illegally grabbed land. We oppose this project and it should be stopped immediately. So also interfering in India’s internal matter should also be stopped.

India boycotted the meeting held about CPEC in 2015

The first meeting about the CPEC project was called by China in 2015. India had boycotted it in opposition to the project. After India’s opposition, nations, such as France, the US, England, Japan, South Korea, Australia also voiced their opinion to maintain respect for the Geographical integrity of other nations about International Development Projects.