Haryana IPS officer Bharati Arora seeks premature retirement to spend the rest of her life for devotion unto Bhagwan Shrikrushna

Like officer Bharati Arora, if other Police officers also start performing spiritual practice along with doing their duty, the rule of righteousness in India will not be far.

Chandigarh – Bharati Arora, an IPS officer of Haryana Cadre of Indian Police has lodged an application seeking voluntary retirement to spend her life in developing devotion unto Shrikrushna like Saint Mirabai. Arora had taken this decision to spend the rest of her life serving Dharma. The Government has not yet responded to her application.

  1. She had played a very important role in the investigation of the Samjhauta Bomb-blast case as Superintendent of Haryana Railway Police. In normal circumstances, she would have retired in 2031; but she has decided on voluntary retirement 10 years in advance, hence, everyone is surprised.
  2. She has written a letter to the Director-General of Police on 24th July. She opined that Police Service had been a prestigious thing for her, but now she wants to spend her life devoted to Dharma. She wants to devote her life to develop devotion unto Shrikrushna like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Saint Kabir and Saint Mirabai. (To find such an officer or employee in the Police force is rarest of the rare. – Editor)
  3. Arora is married to an IPS officer from Haryana Cadre, Vikas Arora. At 50, Arora is the first such officer who has applied for voluntary retirement. Presently, Senior Police officers are trying to dissuade her from her decision. (Realise that due to Hindus not having an education on Dharma, if any individual is taking voluntary retirement for serving Dharma, people start dissuading that individual. In contrast, in Jain Community small children become ascetics by sacrificing the wealth of rich parents and the procession is held in their honour; they rejoice the occasion. – Editor)