Andhra Pradesh : Collective efforts of devout Hindus succeed in stopping the installation of tyrant  Tipu Sultan’s statue

An effort to glorify the cruel Tipu Sultan failed

Hindus, if united, can achieve a lot. Hence, they should now unite for establishing the Hindu Rashtra.

Kadapa (Andhra Pradesh) – A conspiracy to set up a statue of a tyrant ruler Tipu Sultan has failed due to the collective efforts of devout Hindus in the Proddatur District. The local MLA also had supported the plan to install the statue of tyrant Tipu Sultan in Proddatur. All devout Hindu organisations from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana strongly protested after a report about it was published in the local newspapers. Devout Hindus had registered a complaint against this conspiracy to the Collector and Municipal Commissioner on 22nd June.

  1. Hindu Aikya Sanghal Porat Vaidika, (a platform for collective protest) an organisation of more than 15 Hindu organisations staged a strong protest against the installation of the statue. The public was made aware of this through social media and YouTube.
  2. A Devout Hindu Advocate gathered information in this regard under the Right to Information Act and wrote a letter to the District Collector and Municipal Commissioner.
  3. As a result of collective efforts at various stages, devout Hindus were successful in foiling the conspiracy to install the statue of Tipu Sultan.