MLAs are not allowed to commit crimes in the House : SC

  • Case of action taken against MLAs who caused a ruckus in Kerala Legislative Assembly in the year 2015
  • Supreme Court dismisses petition
  • Kerala Government’s plea to withdraw disciplinary action against MLAs rejected
  • Accused MLAs will face the trial
  • The longer it takes to punish the offenders after the crime takes place, the more they will be encouraged to commit the crime. Therefore, the Government should strive to ensure the fast processing of such cases.
  • It is necessary to permanently disqualify such anti-social MLAs so that the other MLAs will not resort to anti-social behaviour in the House.

New Delhi – Supreme Court observed that the elected MLAs do not have the freedom to riot and they do not stand higher than the law. Kerala Government seeking withdrawal of disciplinary action against rioting MLAs in Kerala Assembly was rejected by the Supreme Court. (Communist Government in Kerala is covering up the criminal activities. Can Law prevail in States ruled by such a Government ? – Editor) The Supreme Court’s decision paved the way for the prosecution of troublemaker MLAs in Kerala.

During the hearing on the petition on 28th July, the SC slammed the Kerala Government and stated,

  1. MLAs are privileged to do public service, not to commit destruction in the Legislative Assembly. The privileges do not shield MLAs from criminal laws.
  2. What is the public interest in withdrawing action against MLAs who commit a crime ?
  3. This decision of the court is an example of – What are the consequences of disturbing the House? Where should the line be drawn regarding the privileges of MLAs ? Where to make political opposition ? etc.