Delta variant is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people

Experts opine that the Delta variant easily infects non-vaccinated individuals

New Delhi – The Delta variant is a deadly version of coronavirus and is causing anxiety to the whole world. In India too, the Delta variant is the cause of increasing momentum in the 2nd wave of coronavirus. Delta variant is the fastest, fittest and most formidable version of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It is capable of infecting vaccinated individuals also as evident in many countries. Experts say that those who have not been vaccinated are more prone to this virus. This version of the virus causes infection with great speed.

‘Public Health England’ says that among the individuals infected by the Delta variant, 22.8% were found to be vaccinated patients. In Singapore, among the patients infected by the Delta variant, 75% of the patients were vaccinated. In Israel, this number reached 60%.

As per the information provided by Eric Topol, an expert in Jinomix Science, the Delta variant is more dangerous for corona infection and it is quite fast in causing the infection. Hence, it is essential for those who have been vaccinated twice also should take precautions and remain alert about the Delta variant.