O’ Students ! Be patriotic and fulfill your duties towards the Nation !

We love our mother, we respect her; similarly, we should be proud that India is our Motherland. We should be aware of the importance of being born in the most ancient and cultured Nation like India. We need to have deep respect for our Nation. Our revolutionaries loved our Nation more than their lives. This is patriotism. Do you love your Nation ? It will not be enough to just say that you love your Nation ! It should be seen in our actions.

What to do to enhance patriotism ?

If we learn the glorious history and supreme culture of our Nation, we will be proud of our Nation.

If there is pride in the Nation, a sense of patriotism in the mind, there will be respect for everything that is a symbol of the Nation !

What are the symbols of a Nation ? The National Flag, National Anthem, National Song ‘Vande Mataram’, map of the Nation are our national symbols. It is our national duty to respect them properly. Are we performing this duty ? What is the situation today ? At many places, we see the National Flag, National Anthem, map of our Nation being insulted. We must respect our national symbols and stop their insults if these are taking place anywhere. If we do this, it will show our patriotism. Our patriotism is also to fulfil our duties as ideal citizens of our Nation.

How to respect the National Flag ?

When 26th January or 15th August are celebrated, we see National Flags strewn on the roads. Some are thrown in the gutters, some are trampled upon. The hoisting of the National Flag is a symbol of our Nation’s Independence. When on National days, we hoist the National Flag and sing the National Anthem, we are proud to be citizens of this independent Nation, and the next day, we see the same National Flags strewn on the roads, torn, etc., how can we not feel bitter ? How can we be insensitive to our National Flag ?

It is our national duty to uphold our National Flag forever. Let us pledge to uphold the National Flag.

If you see a National Flag lying anywhere in your classroom, school, street, pick it up and deposit it in your school. You should not use plastic flags so that these are not strewn around. They should not be placed on a car or in your pocket. Some people paint the National Flag on their face, some wear clothes with the colours of the National Flag, and some cut cakes in the colour of the National Flag. If this is happening anywhere, it is inappropriate, and it is an insult to our National Flag. We must educate people who perform such acts. In some places, the National Flag is hoisted upside-down or painted on a surface, which is an unforgivable crime.

We should also remember that it is a legal offence as per the National Flag Code to desecrate the Flag.

If anyone does not agree with you, tell them that it is a crime. Be alert to honour the National Anthem and map of the Nation

Wherever the National Anthem or National Song are being played, we must stand in ‘attention’. This amounts to honouring our Nation. Some keep sitting at that time. Singing of the National Anthem takes only 53 seconds. Do we not have enough patriotism to stand during this time ? The National Anthem should be played at the proper place only so that it is always duly respected.

On some websites or in other countries, the map of our Nation is drawn incorrectly. Parts of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in India are shown as parts of other countries. This is a big crime. This is an insult not only to the Nation, but to every Indian citizen. All of us should be vigilant in this regard. It will also increase our love for our Nation.

If there is pride in the Nation, a sense of patriotism, there will be respect for everything that is a symbol of the Nation !