Shri Satyanarayan Katha and Bhagwat Katha are unscientific : Anti-Dharma words of Gopal Italia

  • This is the intellectual bankruptcy of a leader. One can imagine what would have happened if Italia had dared to make such a statement on other faiths !
  • Since Hindus lack pride in their Dharma, anyone can talk against Hindu Dharma. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is required to change this scenario.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Gujarat AAP President Gopal Italia has been booked for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. Anuj Mishra of ‘Hindu IT Cell’ has lodged a complaint against Italia. The Cell provided information on the matter through social media. Italia has regarded Shri Satyanarayan Katha and Bhagwat Katha as unscientific in a viral video, due to which a case is registered against him.

1. The complaint alleges that Italia has insulted the Hindu Deities, tradition and culture through social media. The video was made with the specific intent to hurt Hindu sentiments. Hence, strict action must be taken against him keeping in mind Hindu interests.

2. Italia is facing heavy criticism for his statement. Recently, he had to return from Somnath Temple after facing backlash from the people.

Controversial statements of Italia in the video

1. People are spending a lot of money and time on non-scientific and unnecessary things like Satyanarayan Katha, Bhagwat Katha and other such useless things.

2. Still people do not know what they’ll gain out of this. They waste other people’s time also. If we spend even 5 paisa on such useless things, we do not have the right to live like humans.

3. I am ashamed of such people. It angers me. We don’t need those who clap like eunuchs in the name of rituals and culture.

4. Some Sadhu will speak nonsense from the stage, and we have to clap like eunuchs ?

Kathakars and temple priests deceive people : Italia

In another video that went viral some time ago, Italia is seen speaking ill about the Hindu rituals. He said, ‘Kathakars and temple priests who predict future, deceive people, unlike ordinary people who live by labour. Rich businessmen loot people by taking money in the form of kathas and satsangs. Why are these people doing kathas in Surat only ? If you are so great, go do kathas at the Pakistan border and Bangladesh border. Just spare the people here’.

(The purpose of publishing these videos is not to hurt the religious sentiments of the people but to make it known as a satire. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Hindus lack pride in their Dharma; anyone can talk against Hindu Dharma. ‘Hindu Rashtra’ only can change this scenario !