Private Hospitals have become money machines

Supreme Court slams Private Hospitals

Supreme Court gives vent to Gujarat State Government for breaching the Court’s fire safety instructions

New Delhi – The Supreme Court gave vent to Gujarat State Government saying, ‘hospitals have become a large real estate industry. Instead of helping patients in their stressful situations, making money has become the goal of these hospitals. Surprisingly, it is done by endangering human lives. We cannot allow hospitals to prosper at the cost of human lives. It would be rather better to close such hospitals’. The Court further added, ‘the State Government should build supreme quality hospitals’. During the hearing, the Supreme Court reprimanded the Gujarat State Government with regard to notification given to the Private Hospitals.

The Court stated, ‘once we issue an order, it cannot be overridden by any notification. However, the Gujarat State Government issued a notification that hospitals need not adhere to Supreme Court’s order till 2022’. The Court criticised this notification saying, ‘till each hospital is equipped with fire safety equipment, people will continue to die by burning’.