We are not responsible for the death of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui : Taliban

Kandahar (Afghanistan) – We are not responsible for the Indian photojournalist, Danish Siddiqui’s death, claimed Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban’s Spokesperson in Afghanistan. (Taliban is derived from the Arabic word ‘Talib’, its plural is Taliban. Talib means desirous of getting knowledge. Those who believe in Islamic fanaticism.)

Taliban killed the Indian Journalist on 16th July while he was taking photos of the violence in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban has dismissed this allegation. Danish Siddiqui’s body was handed over to the ‘International Committee of Red Cross’ on 16th July.

Mujahid said further, ‘we were not informed about Siddiqui’s arrival in our area. We do not know whose firing killed him. When any journalist enters our war zone, we must be informed about it; so that we can take care to not hurt the reporter. We are sorry for his demise’. It is said that Siddiqui was killed in the encounter between Afghani soldiers and Talibani terrorists, but some say Talibani killed him.