Albert Fernandes apologises in the temple after being arrested by the Police for abusing Shri Durgaparmeshwari Goddess in Karnataka

A case of abusing Shri Durgaparmeshwari Goddess at Katilu in Karnataka

Would Fernandes have apologised in the temple, if the Police had not arrested him ? Instead of setting such individuals free on the apology, efforts should be made to punish them.

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – In an incident, accused Albert Fernandes has apologised in the temple for insulting Shri Durgaparmeshwari Goddess at Katilu by sending voice messages in abusive language.

Albert Fernandes, a resident of Bajpe (Karnataka) is an employee in Mumbai. He had sent a voice message with abusive language to Dinesh, a Hindu, condemning Shri Durgaparmeshwari Goddess at Katilu. Hearing this message, Hindu organisations complained at Bajpe Police station. The Police arrested Albert Fernandes in Mumbai and brought him to Mangaluru. Fernandes accepted his crime and apologised in the Katilu temple, before Shri Durgaparmeshwari Goddess, saying with tears in his eyes, ‘I have made a mistake; I should not have done it. I have committed a crime’. Thereafter the matter was settled by the leaders of the Hindu organisations at the Bajpe Police station.