Religious fanatics ran away with the vehicle full of beef by attacking the Police station in Gujarat

A constable injured, vehicle damaged

What is the use of such Police who cannot protect themselves and the Police station ? If 2-3 terrorists attack, will they remain alive ? We can realise how useless is the training given to such Police.

Kalol (Gujarat) – Police had found a four-wheeler loaded with beef on 8th July. Two brothers, Imran Pavda and Farooq Pavda were carrying beef in a car, when they saw the Police, they ran away leaving their car behind. The Police confiscated the car and took it to the Police station. After a while, both the brothers, Imran and Farroq came back with a mob of religious fanatics and attacked the Police station. A constable was injured, and one Police vehicle was damaged in these attacks. The religious fanatics ran away with their confiscated car which was loaded with beef.