Crime registered against husband Ashraf by his wife alleging religious conversion of women in Lucknow

The only way this menace of conversion will end when the Central Government would implement the anti-conversion law in the nation.

Lucknow (UP) – A woman from Indiranagar has registered a complaint with the Police against her husband, Ashraf, who is allegedly involved in the religious conversion of women. The Police are investigating this issue. The cleric, identified as Syed Hasnain Ashraf, is an employee at the ‘Khanqah-e-Ashrafia Hussainiya’, a Bengaluru dargah.

  1. She learnt about her husband’s involvement in conversion after her marriage with Ashraf in 2019. She tried to dissuade him from this action, but he started thrashing her.
  2. The woman said, ‘he was converting women in the dargah. He was luring innocent women of another faith into religious conversion. He was even pressurising her to get Rs. 25 lakhs from her parents. When her mother-in-law learnt that she was to deliver a baby girl, she was driven out of the house’.