Let us pray regularly to Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, the three Gurus of Sanatan, and cherish them in the temple of our hearts !

As per a spiritual Principle, ‘There are as many temperaments as there are people and corresponding number of Paths of spiritual practice’, the prayer of every seeker is bound to be different. The words, bhav (Spiritual emotion), devotion, gratitude and yearning in the prayer of every seeker will be different; however, here are some simple prayers suggested by Gurudev to help the seekers.

O’ Gurumouli (Personification of the Guru in the form of compassionate and loving mother), the mother provides everything to the unborn baby in her womb. As a result, the baby is safe and relaxed. In the current adverse times, we seekers are safe under Your protective sheath in the form of Sanatan Sanstha. We offer obeisance a million times unto the Holy feet of the three Gurus of Sanatan Sanstha, who take care of all seekers like a mother does !

O’ Gurumouli, a baby monkey clings tightly to his mother’s body. His mother jumps from one tree to another with it. Even then, the baby is absolutely carefree. Like this baby monkey, may all seekers hold on tightly to the Holy feet of the three Gurus of Sanatan and receive Shakti (Divine Energy) to face all situations that may arise during the adverse times.

O’ Gurumouli, during the adverse times, the calamities that will come one after the other like sea waves, the Guides of our boat (meaning our spiritual practice) are the three Gurus of Sanatan. We offer obeisance repeatedly unto the Holy feet of the three Gurus of Sanatan who get rid of all the calamities and emancipate us.

O’ Gurumouli, the cycle of creation has been going on era after era due to the three Gurus of Sanatan in the form of Shrimannarayan along with Shridevi and Bhudevi. Dissolution of the Universe has taken place in numerous big and small adverse times. Just as You supported the devotees at such times, may Your grace be bestowed on us seekers and may our spiritual practice continue – this is our prayer at Your Holy feet.

O’ Gurumouli, when there is a drought, man eagerly awaits the raindrops from the sky; however, the rain of the grace of all the three Gurus of Sanatan is constantly falling on us seekers. ‘To collect the rain of the Guru’s grace, please bestow upon us pot of devotion and bhav’, this is our prayer at Your tender lotus feet.