‘Hindu Seva Sahayya Samiti’ made a demand with the District Collector of dismissing Bachhav and of giving severe punishment to him

  • Anti-Hindu bank employee from the District Central Bank, Chadvel (Nandurbar) dishonoured Deity Datta by throwing the Deity’s picture on the road and standing on it.
  • Act displaying displeasure for putting up Deity Datta’s picture in the office.
  • Bachhav supporting his act, despite citizens’ condemnation
  • Hindus are the real enemy of Hindus
  • ‘Hindu Seva Sahayya Samiti’ should continue the fight till stringent action is taken and all Hindus should support it.
  • Remember, in Muslim country, if anyone insults Mohammed Paigumbar or Quran, and, in Christian country Jesus or Bible, then he is punished most severely. As against this, vandalising Hindu Deities’ Idols, tearing Deities’ pictures, burning Hindu scriptures, ridiculing Deities, so also derogatory depiction of Deities is rampant through social media such as Webseries, Films, Plays, etc., but no severe action is taken on such heretics. Hindu Rashtra (Satyayug within the Kaliyug) is a must to bring the change
Disrespecting Deity Datta by standing on the picture with shoes on
(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Nandurbar (Maharashtra) – Anti-Hindu worker Namdev Vanji Bachhav, in District Central Bank, Chadvel has disrespected Hindu Deity, Deity Datta by throwing the photo frame on the road and standing on it with shoes on. ‘Hindu Seva Sahayya Samiti’ has demanded Bachhav’s dismissal and severe punishment, through a representation forwarded to the District Collector, Dr. Bharud. This representation is also being given to the Chief Minister. (Congratulations to ‘Hindu Seva Sahayya Samiti’ for stopping harm caused to Dharma. Other Hindu Organisations also should learn from this and should give a constitutional fight by coming together to oppose Hindu Deities’ dishonour. – Editor)

Activists of the ‘Hindu Seva Sahayya Samiti’ while giving memorandum to the District Collector on (Right) Mr. Bharud

Samiti’s Dr. Narendra Patil, Prof. Dr. R C Bedse, Mr. Mohan Jain, Mr. Narendra Tamboli, Mr. Jitendra Marathe, Mr. Ganesh Rajput, Mr. Sumit Pardesi, Mr. Chetan Rajput, Mr. Mukesh Mali, Mr. Jitendra Rajput, Mr. Mayur Chowdhari, Mr. Ujjwal Rajput, Mr. Narendra Chowdhari, Mr. Raju Chowdhari, Mr. Anil More, Mr. Akash Gavit.and others were present.

In the memorandum, it is said that Deity Datta’s picture was put up in the District Central Bank; but Bachhav was angry, he threw the photo frame and stood on it. When citizens scolded him for that, he was supporting his mean action. If Bachhav is not dismissed, then he might repeat such an act and create discontent in society. So take the above-mentioned action on him.