Maharashtra Government grants a subsidy of Rs. 58,60,000 to Waqf Board amid economic crisis due to pandemic

Provision of lakhs of rupees for contractual works, wages, electricity bills amid curfew

In view of the current pandemic, Hindu temples in the State came forward and financially assisted the State Govt. with crores of rupees. Will Hindus approve the State Government’s policy of minority appeasement using their money ?

Mumbai – Covid pandemic has caused strain on the Government’s treasury. As a result, the Government has decided to pay salaries to Government employees in stages. The Government has appealed for donations amid Covid crisis, with Social Welfare Minister Vijay Wadettiwar saying, ‘Government will have to take loan for paying salaries to its employees’. While on the other hand, it has granted a subsidy of Rs. 58,60,400 to ‘Maharashtra State Waqf Board’ for the period of May-August 2021 under ‘mandatory funding’. The question arises ‘Why is Government wasting its money on Maharashtra State Waqf Board, when it does not even have sufficient funds for assisting farmers who suffered due to recent Tauktae cyclone ?’

1. Maharashtra State Government has approved a sum of Rs. 1,48,03,000 to Maharashtra State Waqf Board in its 2021-22 Budget under ‘mandatory funding’. First instalment of Rs. 12,83,800 was paid by the Govt. in April 2021.

2. In the view of pandemic, Government has reduced several expenses that are mentioned in its Budget. While the Government’s revenue income has been stalled on large scale due to the pandemic, it is still wasting lakhs of rupees for Waqf Board.

Why provisions for lakhs of rupees amid ‘work from home’ during the pandemic?

This subsidy includes provisions of Rs. 1,17,75,000 for the salaries of Waqf Board employees and Rs. 84,000 for phone, electricity, and water bills. Subsidy of Rs. 11,50,000 is granted for contractual works even when majority of the businesses are currently shut due to Covid curfew. While ‘work from home’ is adopted during curfews, subsidies of Rs. 8,92,000 and Rs. 7,50,000 are granted for office expenses and rent/tax respectively.