‘Warner Brothers’ video depicts India’s map without Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti strongly raises objection

The Central Government should also pressurise Warner Brothers to stop the wrong depiction of Indian map

Mumbai – Warner Brothers, a Film Production Companyin the United States also makes educational videos for children. One of such videos depicts the map of India incorrectly. The video published on the official YouTube channel of this company has omitted Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh region from the map of India. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti was informed about it by a patriot. The Samiti has demanded through twitter the correction in the map of India presented in the video. The Samiti has also appealed the patriots to legally raise their objection in this matter by email and Tweet. As of now, the Samiti has not received any reply from Warner Brother’s with regards to the Samiti’s demand.

Patriots are protesting on the following contacts

Twitter : twitter.com/Warnerbros

Email    : [email protected]