Complaint filed against Dr. Johnrose Jayalal by Legal Right Protection Forum

Why the IMA which creates uproar against Yogarushi Baba Ramadev is silent about Dr. Johnrose Jayalal who is behaving like propagator of Christian religion ? Does the IMA accept the activities undertaken by Dr. Jayalal as a President of their organisation ?

New Delhi – A complaint has been filed with the Ministry of Home Affairs against Johnrose Austin Jayalal, the National President of the Indian Medical Association, seeking action against him for abusing his power and resorting to proselytization during the pandemic.

  1. Legal Right Protection Forum, a legal-activism group, has written a detailed letter to the Centre demanding strict action against Johnrose Austin Jayalal, accusing him of using the Covid-19 pandemic to convert patients to Chritianity.
  2. In its complaint, the LRPF sought revocation of Medical Practitioner’s License of IMA President John Jayalal, alleging that the controversial doctor has openly declared his intention of splitting human beings into Christians and non-Christians and converting the latter to Christianity using every available opportunity.
  3. The legal-activist group asked the Government to stop all funds to IMA until John Jayalal is removed from his position as President. The LRPF has alleged that the president of the IMA is using his position to propagate Christianity. Instead of treating the Covid-19 pandemic as a humanitarian catastrophe, Dr Jayalal and his team of evangelists were treating the pandemic as an opportunity to spread the Gospel in new ways to more and more people, the complaint read. “This is a vulture-like approach to human suffering, death and devastation.

Jayalal claims “Hindu nationalist Government” is against modern medicine

The LRPF has pointed out two interviews given by Jayalal where he had expressed strong views about proselytizing Hindus. The complaint mentions Jaylal’s interview with Haggai International, where he says that the “Hindu Nationalist Government” wants to destroy modern medicine.

The Government want to make it one nation, one system of medicine. Next, they will want to make it one religion. This is also based on the Sanskrut language, which is always traditionally based on Hindu principles” Jayalal had said in that interview. (Why Dr. Jayalal hates Sanskrut so much ? This goes to show how much anti-Hindu is his ideology. – Editor)