A shocking incident of Biryani shops at the site of Temples comes to light in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Hindus lack of education on Dharma hence they have an apathy towards their places of worship. This is also the reason why such incidents are tolerated. How can such people be worthy of getting any help from the God at the time of crisis ? Have we ever observed such incidents with people from other faiths ?

Kanpur (UP) – An infuriating incident came to light in Chamanganj, Kanpur wherein Biryani shops were found to have been set up on the land owned by Temples.

The Mayor of Kanpur, Pramila Pandey had received a complaint regarding demolition of temples, subsequent land acquisition and construction of biryani shops. When she visited the site, she noticed not only the dilapidated temples forcibly taken over by people from a particular community, but also the ruins of demolished temples. Along the way she observed one temple which had the gate locked. As she did not get any help from the locals to break it open, she broke it herself. To her utter dismay, she noticed the temple was literally filled with garbage. She ordered Deputy Police Commissioner who accompanied her to the site to remove the encroachment and to clean the garbage immediately. She has asked for a thorough investigation of all such Biryani shops and subsequent removal of encroachments. In addition, she has also ordered an inspection of all temples in the area. The Police have confirmed that appropriate action is being taken against the perpetrators.