A nurse caught preaching Christianity to the tribal people, while on Covid-19 awareness duty !

Such people should be terminated from service and put behind bars. Realise that as Hindus are tolerant, the so-called secularists take undue advantage of them and do not speak about such matters !

Ratlam (MP) – A nurse on the pretext of giving dietary plans for Covid-19, in Bajala, a tribal-dominated area of Ratlam, was found distributing a pamphlet preaching Christianity. The locals caught the nurse distributing the pamphlet and reported it to the Police and the Administration. The nurse’s name is Sandhya Tiwari. (After converting Hindus, Christian missionaries do not change their original name, so that Hindus do not understand that the person is a convert and such persons can continue the work of spreading Christianity without any hindrance ! – Editor). Police are interrogating her.