Ayurvedic medicine available in Nellore, it cures the coronavirus disease in just 2 days!

  • People turn up in large numbers
  • ICMR to verify the efficacy of the medicine
  • Andhra CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy as well Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu seen in action
  • What do the sceptics have to say about this development ?

It would not be an overstatement to say that thousands of lives could have been saved, had the Ayurvedic medicines been studied in detail and used accordingly to cure the coronavirus disease.

Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) – People are seen queuing up in large numbers to procure the Ayurvedic medicine for Covid-19 disease in Krishnapatnam village. Both, Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah who has prepared this medicine and the people who have tried it, claim that this medicine can cure the coronavirus disease. This medicine increases the blood oxygen level when administered in the patient’s eyes. What is also special about this medicine is the fact that Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah distributes it free of cost. Many political leaders and Government officials have expressed their gratitude to Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah as his medicine has already been found to be effective in treating coronavirus disease. Andhra CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has also taken a note of these developments. A team of ICMR experts has been sent to Nellore to study the formulation of the medicine. Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, who belongs to Nellore constituency discussed these developments with both the Union Minister for Ayush, Kiren Rijiju and the Director of Indian Council of Medical Research, Dr. Balram Bhargava. He also recommended the distribution these medicines post careful assessment.

The ICMR team checked the herbs which are used in formulation of this medicine along with other constituents. They also enquired about the development process of this medicine.

  1. The Police have declared that the distribution of this medicine is halted as ICMR has yet not approved this medicine. As a result of this, many returned home disappointedly.
  2. A team of Ayurvedic Doctors affiliated to Ministry of Ayush had also visited the village a couple of days ago. In their assessment which was shared with the Ministry they have recommended a detailed study covering various aspects such as formulation of the medicine, its administration process along with its subsequent impact.
  3. Since last couple of years, Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah has been developing Ayurvedic medicine from the herbs. It was only recently that he developed this formulation to treat the coronavirus disease. Tender mango leaves, black pepper, black cumin, ginger, calotropis gigantea, dates, jaggery, bud flower and thorny brinjal are some of its constituents.

Even a critical patient gets cured in just 2 days, claims an MLA

MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy and former Cabinet Minister S Chandramohan Reddy have claimed that irrespective of the stage of the illness, the test results (for Covid-19) change from positive to negative in a matter of just 2 days. Post medication, the chest CT score gets reduced to zero from levels of 24-25. The Police tried to stop the distribution of this medicine after observing massive crowd waiting outside the Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah’s residence to receive the medicine. The Government was also urged to stop the distribution till clinical trials are conducted to assess the efficacy of the medicine. A complaint was also filed to the office of the Lokayukta in this regard.

The results of trials are encouraging!

District Collector of Nellore, District Surgeon and senior Ayurvedic Doctors tested the medicine. The expert panel formed in this regard witnessed the increase in oxygen level from 83 to 95 after a few drops of the medicine were administered in the eyes of a Covid-19 patient. None of the patient who were treated with this medicine has any side-effects. In fact, they expressed their gratitude to Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah for saving their lives.

3 types of medicines

Vaidya Bonigi Anandaiah has told that his medicine saves lives of patients. He administers 3 types of medicines. One prevents contraction of Covid, other treats it and the last one boosts the blood oxygen level. He does not charge for any of these medicines, neither he intends to do so in future.

The Government intends to encourage the treatment with the help of this medicine

Andhra CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has stated that his Government was considering to leverage this medicine to cure as many Covid-19 patients as possible. The Government officials have been asked to study the distribution and other aspects in detail to facilitate efficient management of the medicine.