Rape victim takes revenge by killing the rapist with the help of her husband

It is time to ponder why do the rape victims often take the law into their own hands !

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Giridih (Jharkhand) – A married women was raped by a youth, Habibullah. The victim took her revenge by killing him with the help of her husband. The couple were later arrested. The victim had given names of two other youths in connection with this murder to safeguard her husband from the hassles of Police investigation. However, no evidence was found to support her claim.

On the night of 16th May, Habibullah stepped out of his home to attend a wedding ceremony in the village. As he did not return home ever after midnight, his parents tried to reach out to him over his mobile phone, however it was found to be switched off. The next day, his dead body was found at a nearby farm. During the subsequent investigation, the Police suspected the involvement of this couple. When they were taken into custody for interrogation, they confessed. On the wedding day, the rape victim had called Habibullah on his phone and suggested to meet. Later, she killed Habibullah with the help of her husband. Habibullah’s body was found with his throat slit and the genitals chopped off.