CBI arrests 3 TMC leaders in Narada scam

People think majority of the politicians are corrupt, a fact that even politicians cannot deny. And hence, the Hindu Rashtra must be established with righteous rulers replacing the corrupt politicians !

Kolkata – West Bengal Ministers Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee and TMC leader Madan Mitra, BJP leader Sovan Chatterjee were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on 17th May in connection with the 2016 Narada sting operation case. All 4 were arrested after a CBI raid on their residences.

Later, all four suspects were granted bail by the Court.

Arrest me too ! – Mamata Banerjee

“The arrest of Ministers and MLA in this way is unconstitutional. The 4 leaders cannot be arrested without a notice to the State Government or the Court. Release them or arrest me as well”, Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM told CBI officers. Mamata Banerjee reached the CBI office along with her counsels after the leaders were arrested.

Bengal Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee said, “According to the High Court orders, Speaker’s permission is required for arresting any MLA; however, I have not received any letter from the CBI nor has anybody sought permission from me as per the protocol”.

Governor’s nod !

Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar gave his assent to CBI’s request seeking sanction for prosecution of four political leaders in connection with the Narada sting case on 7th May, two days after Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time, officials said on Monday.

TMC workers pelted stones at CBI office while Mamata was inside

Meanwhile, trouble erupted in the vicinity of the CBI’s Kolkata office, even as the Chief Minister remained inside. Party cadres pelted stones, blocked roads, set tyres on fire and tried to break barricades near the CBI’s Kolkata headquarter. The Police had to lathi charge the crowd in order to disperse them. Governor Dhankhar has raised questions on Kolkata Police’s security measures. He also accused Kolkata Police of not following the law.

What is Narada scam ?

Just ahead of 2016, Bengal State Assembly elections, Narada news founder Mathew Samuel had conducted a sting operation for over two years. The video showed TMC Ministers and MLA accepting bribe from a fictional enterprise in return of favours. In 2017, Kolkata HC had ordered a CBI probe in the matter. The sting operation also includes leaders who have recently joined the BJP.