China deploys troops and modernises the military base near Pangong Lake

India also needs to step up vigil

Beijing (China) – The latest satellite imagery reveals that China has deployed troops and created a huge stockpile of weapons at the Rutog military base (near the Pangong Lake) although it had retreated from Finger 4 to Finger 8 on the North bank of Pangong Lake. It is also evident from the imagery that the military base has recently been modernised.

The imagery captured on 11th May shows military vehicles, stockpile of weapons along with tents (for surviving in extreme cold weather) at the Rutog military base. The experts believe that China has some camouflaged positions serving as suppliers of weaponry. At the same time, it has augmented the basic necessities at Aksai Chin. The imagery also reveals construction of new helipads and barracks in that area.