Police Constable suspended for stealing 4 eggs !

How will the Police, who indulge is stealing, stop theft and robbery in society ?

Chandigarh (Punjab) – A Police Constable who stole eggs from a cart was suspended in Punjab. The video of the constable stealing eggs went viral. Chhindar, a hawker was selling eggs on his two wheeler in the street. He parked his vehicle to the side of the street and went to order more eggs from a shop nearby. The Police Constable who was on traffic controlling duty, pretended to be doing his traffic controlling duty, picked up 4 eggs from the basket and kept them in his pocket. A man standing there recorded this incident on his mobile and posted on the social media. After the video went viral, the Police Superintendent Amaneet Kaundal received the information on the incident. He then issued  suspension order of the Constable and also ordered an internal inquiry.