Karnataka : Hospital staff beat up a soldier for complaining about the carelessness in the covid patient’s treatment

Police saw the incident, but no action was taken !

How can people dare to beat a soldier ? The staff members who were violent should be imprisoned and the policemen should be sacked !

Kolar (Karnataka) – Soldier Srinivas, who accused the hospital of not giving proper treatment to his mother in the Srinivaspur Government hospital, was beaten up by the hospital staff. The Police present at the scene did nothing to stop the violent staff.

Srinivas, who has been posted to Tamil Nadu, came to meet his covid positive mother in the hospital. During his visit he wore PPE kit. He saw that his mother had fallen down from the bed and was injured. He argued with the hospital staff for not looking after her. In the afternoon, Dr. Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka visited the hospital, when Srinivas told him about the careless behaviour of the staff. As a result, the staff members were enraged at this and later attacked Srinivas. Other staff members encouraged the violent behaviour, alleged Srinivas. Even though Policemen were present, they did not interfere to stop the violence.