A corona patient refused admission in hospital due to non-availability of beds in Yadgiri, Karnataka

  • Got admitted when public threatened to inform the media
  • Due to fear of media, the hospital doctors are admitting the patient. This clearly explains the functioning style of hospitals. Such incidents call for the Government of Karnataka to intervene and take stringent action against the concerned people.

Yadgiri (Karnataka) – A patient named Bhimesh suffering from corona, was refused hospitalisation, stating there were no beds available. The doctors asked him to go back, saying ‘nothing has happened to him’. When Bhimesh’s sister told the doctors that his condition was not good, the doctors questioned her who is the doctor, her or them? (This shows their arrogance – Editor) Seeing the serious condition of the patient, the local citizens present in the hospital threatened to inform the media about it; immediately Bhimesh was admitted to the hospital. This incident occurred at the Covid Care Centre of the District. A video of this incident has gone viral on social media.