Directive to perform Agnihotra in temples and mathas to be issued ! – BS Yediyurappa, Karnataka CM

Bid to curb Covid-19 spread

  • Agnihotra is being performed in various mathas (Hindu monasteries) and temples. Hindus expect the govt. to pass directives to perform Agnihotra in households and at public places wherever possible!
  • If Yediyurappa issues such directives, rest of the BJP ruled states should  follow suit!

Belagavi (Karnataka) – Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa said in an event that he will pass directives to every temple and matha in the state to perform Agnihotra. His statement came after demands for performing Agnihotra in temples were being made in an event organised in Hukkeri Hiremath. In this event, more than 80 mathadhish (pontiffs) had organised Agnihotra, Dhanvantari and Sudarshan homa.

Chandrashekhar Shivacharya Swamiji of Hukkeri Matha said,

  1. Performing Agnihotra can keep the coronavirus away, and hence, the temple endowment board should organise daily agnihotra  in the temples and mathas. All the mathadhishas should bless people to free themselves from Covid-19.
  2. Performing Agnihotra regularly at sunrise and sunset kills all the pathogens. It also purifies the surrounding environment up to the distance of 1km.
  3. Items required to perform Agnihotra are – a pyramid shaped copper vessel, whole and unpolished rice, pure cow ghee. The fumes released after performing Agnihotra are potent enough to kill all the pathogens and negative particles existing within the 10 feet distance from the person performing it. If such Agnihotra is performed across the state, Covid pandemic can be curbed effectively. Union Minister Pralhad Joshi has been asked to convey the message to PM Modi, with suggestions to perform Agnihotra across the nation to counter the Covid-19 pandemic.