Lynching of Bihar Policeman by mob of fanatics in Bengal

Mosque loudspeakers used to mobilise the mob for the attack.

  • Seeing the (mis)use of loud speakers on the mosque by the religious fanatics will the government ban the loudspeakers?
  • This is a glimpse of how these loudspeakers will be used in future if there is some unrest in the country.
  • Loudspeakers not only irritate the general public, now they are being used to mobile mobs to lynch the police too. What is preventing the government from banning these loudspeakers?
Police officer Ashwini Kumar and his daughter from left

Kishanganj (Bihar) – SHO Ashwini Kumar, a police officer, who had gone to Dinajpur, Bengal with a police force to arrest an accused was killed by a frenzied mob. Javed Ansari, another police officer from Kishanganj, said that the mob, that lynched Ashwini Kumar, was mobilised using loud speakers of a mosque. The main accused in the case, who led the mob, later killed Ashwini Kumar.

Kumar’s daughter alleged that the murder was a conspiracy and demanded a CBI enquiry. She has accused Ashwini Kumar’s colleagues of hatching a conspiracy. Ashwini Kumar’s wife, has demanded for a criminal case to be filed against the police officers of Dinajpur, the place where the incident took place. The police have arrested three religious fanatics in the case so far. SHO Ashwini Kumar’s 75-year-old mother died of shock when she saw her son’s mortal remains.