Scientific experiment conducted by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay on the spiritual benefits of sunlight on an individual

In today’s times, most people in society are affected by spiritual distress (Note) to some extent or the other. Since the intensity of Raja-Tama vibrations in the atmosphere has increased markedly, a covering of negative vibrations forms around the body, mind and intellect of people, resulting in physical, psychological and spiritual distress in the people. Exposure to sunlight helps in reducing this covering of negative vibrations. A scientific experiment was conducted with the help of UAS (Universal Aura Scanner) at Ramnathi Ashram, Goa on 13.11.2020 to study the spiritual effect of sunlight on people. We are giving here the analysis of the observations, conclusions and spiritual explanation of the experiment.

Note : Spiritual distress : When an individual has negative vibrations, it means that he has spiritual distress.

When the negative vibrations are 50% or more in an individual, it indicates severe spiritual distress; when the negative vibrations are 30 – 49%, it indicates medium spiritual distress and when the negative vibrations are less than 30%, it indicates mild spiritual distress.

Spiritual distress is due to spiritual reasons such as destiny, ancestral distress, etc. Saints and seekers (who have the ability to perceive the subtle dimension) are able to identify spiritual distress.

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1. Analysis of the observations

The effect of sunlight for 20 minutes on a seeker who had severe spiritual distress and a seeker who did not have spiritual distress was analysed.

1A. Analysis of the negative and positive energies : The effect of sunlight on both the seekers is as follows.

Seekers in the analysis Measurement of negative energy aura (in metres) Positive energy aura
(in metres)
Infrared energy Ultra-violet energy
1. Seeker who had spiritual distress Before exposure to sunlight 10.07 7.02 2.47
After exposure to sunlight 3.37 0.5 5.75
2. Seeker who did not have spiritual distress Before exposure to sunlight 4.83 Absent 6.4
After exposure to sunlight 2.12 Absent 10.73

The following can be concluded from the table.

1. The seeker who had spiritual distress had a high proportion of infrared and ultra-violet negative energies before exposure to sunlight. After exposure, both the negative energies in him reduced markedly and positive energy increased.

2. In the seeker who did not have spiritual distress after exposure to sunlight, the infrared negative energy reduced and positive energy increased.

2. Conclusion : Sunlight had a positive effect on both the seekers

3. Spiritual explanation of the observations

3A. Spiritual benefit to the seekers who were exposed to sunlight : Deity Surya (Sun Deity) is the bestower of health. आरोग्यं भास्करात् इच्छेत् । (A quote in Sanskrut) means that one should pray to Deity Surya for health.

Daily exposure to sunlight is required for good physical health. Exposure to sunlight should be in accordance with the rules related to seasonal changes. Daily exposure to sunlight in the right proportion helps reduce the disease-causing doshas (Humors) in the body. It also helps remove the negative energy covering around the body, mind and intellect of an individual, as a result of which, his physical, psychological and spiritual distress reduces and his health improves.

The seekers in this experiment were exposed to sunlight for only 1 hour 20 minutes after which their negative energy reduced markedly and their positive energy increased markedly. This proves the spiritual benefit of sunlight on people.

– Mrs. Madhura Dhananjay Karve, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa. (19.11.2020)

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