Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalaypresents a research paper on ‘Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Diseases’

Direct relationship established between Spirituality and Medical Science through research conducted by traditional and non-traditional methods : Sean Clarke

Mr. Sean Clarke

While modern medicine mostly ignores investigating the spiritual aspects that can affect a person’s health, Ayurvedic medicine, the world’s oldest system of medicine embraces the spiritual and subtle aspects in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient. What do Spirituality and medicine have in common ? Can the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses along with its prevention be made more effective by finding common ground ? Empirical research conducted by the spiritual research team at the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV) and the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), with traditional and non-traditional (i.e. the use of sixth sense) methods shows a strong relationship between the two.

Based on this research, a research paper ‘The role of Spirituality in the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases’ was presented by Mr. Sean Clarke on behalf of MAV. The paper was authored by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Jayant Athavale (Founder of MAV). It was co-authored by Mr. Sean Clarke. This was presented on 15th March 2021 at the virtual ‘6th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology (ICSP 2021)’ organised by Tomorrow People Organisation, Serbia.

This was the 67th research paper presented by the MAV, which has already presented research papers in 15 National and 51 International Scientific Conferences. It has received ‘Best Paper’ awards in 4 International Conferences.

Mr. Clarke explained that firstly, for any diagnosis and subsequent treatment to be successful, it is imperative that one goes to the root of the problem. Spiritual research findings show that there are 3 possible root causes for any illness – physical, psychological and spiritual. Any illness is the result of one or a combination of these 3 root causes. Destiny is the main spiritual cause of problems in life including medical problems. Negative energies (subtle-entities with a malicious intent) are another major cause of illnesses in a person’s life. Spirits of departed ancestors too can affect the lives of their descendants on Earth for various reasons. Negative energies as well as spirits of departed ancestors can cause physical (e.g. eczema) and psychological illnesses (e.g. addictions). When treating a patient, a doctor should ideally take into account the 3 root causes of illnesses and then accordingly administer treatment. For example, if the spiritual root cause of an illness is destiny or distress caused by negative energies, it should also be treated at the spiritual level besides administering the necessary physical or psychological treatment. When one includes the spiritual aspect in the treatment of such a patient, the outcome is curative. This is in contrast to the symptomatic relief a patient experiences when his treatment is limited to only the physical and psychological levels.

Treatment at the spiritual level includes various spiritual practices and spiritual healing remedies. Spiritual practice provides long-lasting relief and increases one’s capacity to bear suffering. Spiritual practice is the best tool to overcome or prevent adverse destiny. Spiritual healing remedies are short-term healing efforts that provide quick relief. Such remedies can complement spiritual practice.