Religious fanatics attacked the Policemen who had gone to nab the accused in Kanpur

  • Some policemen injured
  • Women also included among the attackers
* Law and order in Uttar Pradesh is in a pathetic state. The Policemen should be empowered to take drastic action against unlawful people to stop the growing courage of the religious fanatics to attack the Policemen.

* Realise that the fanatic women also have criminal attitude and do not hesitate to attack Policemen also.

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) – The Policemen of the Kahinjari Police station reached Bheekdev village in Rasoolabad area to arrest the father and son in a case of domestic violence on a woman for dowry, when they were attacked with stones and bricks by religious fanatics. Some Policemen were injured in the incident. (Realise that the Policemen who show their strength on Hindus get bashed up by religious fanatics. – Editor) Some women were also among the attackers. The injured Policemen have been admitted to the hospital.