Hair offered by devotees in Tirupati Balaji Temple smuggled to China

Hair worth Rs. 1 crore and 80 lakhs intercepted in Mizoram!

It is a shame for the internal security that such type of smuggling occurs from religious places of Hindus! It will not be a surprise if a terrorist attack occurs due to such an apathetic system!

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Many devotees going to Tirupati Balaji Temple in Andhra Pradesh offer their hair there. There is a belief that tonsuring the head there fulfils the wishes of devotees. Thousands of devotees offer their hair there every day.

Now, it has been revealed by Assam Rifles in Mizoram that the hair offered by devotees at Tirupati Balaji Temple are being smuggled to China through Myanmar.

According to the information provided by senior authorities, the hair were packed in gunny sacks and transported in two trucks. Fifty kilos of hair, worth Rupees 1,80,00,000 were found in these trucks. The people in the trucks confessed that the hair were being taken from Tirupati to Myanmar to be sent further to Thailand. The hair are used for manufacturing wigs in China, which are exported to foreign countries. Nearly 70% of the wigs in the world are exported from China. This type of smuggling of hair takes place not only from Tirupati but also various other religious places, which are then sent to China.

YSRCP leaders involved in smuggling

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) – Former Minister and a senior TDP leader Ayyanna Patrudu has accused the ruling YSR Congress Party leaders of being involved in illegal trafficking of human hair donated in Tirupati Temple to foreign countries such as China, Thailand and Myanmar.

Ayyanna Patrudu alleged that the smuggled hair were being transported to Myanmar and were later supposed to be taken to Thailand for processing and then to China. (This is the blatant misuse of Government control over temples ! Such incidents with regards to popular Hindu temples are taking place since Andhra’s ruling YSRCP is known to be Christian sympathisers ! Hindus expect the Centre to probe the matter and expose the truth. – Editor)