Name of a short film ‘ Pattarude Mutton Curry’ changed after Keral Brahmans protest

Congratulations to Kerala Brahmins Association for forcing the change in the name of a short film which was derogatory to Brahmans.

Kochi (Kerala) – The title of a s hort film, ‘Pattarude Mutton Curry’, has been changed to ‘Mutton Curry’ following the outrage by the Kerala Brahmins Association (Kerala Brahmana Sabha), alleging that the title is “insulting to Brahmin culture”.

  1. In the letter, the Association claims that the term ‘Pattar’ is a foul or derogatory way of addressing Brahmins. The letter also argues that the title mentioning ‘mutton curry’ is a deliberate attempt to insult the community. The fact that Brahmins are vegetarians is also known to all. Thus the usage of the word ‘Pattars’ and ‘Mutton Curry’ is intended to insult the Brahmins,” reads the letter signed by Karimpuzha Raman, State President of the Kerala Brahmana Sabha.
  2.  Following the controversy, the makers seem to have changed the title, as the revised one (Mutton Curry) appears on the YouTube premier link. Directed by Arjun Babu, the short film was shown as a premiere show on 20th March.
  3. “We also want the film to be reviewed to check if it is insulting or offensive to the community. If so, we will also call for changes in the story,” the State President said.