Thousands of TN temples are in a pathetic condition! – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

  • There was a time when kings used to patronise and take care of temples; whereas, the politicians today loot the temples and later, are indifferent.
  • Given the politicians’ indifference towards temples, rich temples in the country must take the responsibility of alleviating their pathetic condition. A committee should be formed to look after the administration of temples all over the country.
  • AIADMK, the ruling party in TN, had arrested the Shankaracharya under trumped-up charges. Can such a Hinduphobic Government ever look after temples ?


New Delhi – ‘The UNESCO has said that Tamil Nadu temples are in a state of decay. In July 2020, Tamil Nadu Government had submitted to the Madras High Court that 11,999 temples do not perform a single worship ritual. Nearly 34,000 temples are struggling with an income of (revenue of) less than Rs. 10,000 a year and 37,000 temples have appointed just one person for worship, maintenance, security etc.’, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said this in ‘India Today Conclave South 2021’ while expressing concern over the alarming state of decline of thousands of shrines in Tamil Nadu.

(Reference :  India Today)

  1. Sadhguru further said that despite owning over half-a-million acres of land under temples and 2.33 crore sq. ft of buildings, the revenue generated was only Rs. 128 crore. “Out of this, 14% goes for auditing and management, while 1-2% goes for worship and festivals”, he said.
  2. “The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee manages 85 Gurdwaras and their budget is Rs. 1,000 crore per year. Look at what a great job they are doing in serving their community. On the other hand, out of 44,000 temples, we generate only Rs. 128 crore. Can this be called management ?” Sadhguru asked.

There was a time when kings used to patronise and take care of temples; the politicians today loot temples !