Spiritual benefit of doing Abhishek on the Shivapindi on Mahashivaratra

Scientific study with the help of UAS (Universal Aura Scanner) by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

The festival of Mahashivaratra is celebrated on Magha Krushna Chaturthi as per the Hindu lunar calendar (Tithi). On this day the Shiva Principle is a 1,000 times more active than on other days. On Mahashivaratra the worship of Deity Shiva, Abhishek (Consecration by ritualistic bathing with water), ritualistic worship and keeping night vigil is the tradition. On 21.2.2020, the day of Mahashivaratra, 2 seekers of Sanatan performed Abhishek on the Shivapindi at the Ashram of His Holiness Bhaiyyaji at Dhamshe, Goa. With the help of UAS (Universal Aura Scanner), Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay conducted a scientific study. Its objective was to understand the spiritual benefit of Abhishek on the Shivapindi on Mahashivaratra. Given ahead is the conclusion and the spiritual explanation of the study.

1.  Readings from the study

1 A.  Analysis of the positive and negative energies in the readings –  The positive effect on seekers after performing  Abhishek on the Shivapindi  is evident in the table ahead

Seekers in the study Measurement of negative energy aura (in metres)  Positive energy aura (in metres)
Infrared energy Ultra-violet energy
1. Seeker who had spiritual distress  Before Abhishek 1.90 1.00 Absent
After Abhishek 1.42 Absent Absent
2. Seeker who did not have spiritual distress Before Abhishek Absent Absent 1.80
After Abhishek Absent Absent 2.36

Note: – Spiritual distress :  Spiritual distress means that an individual has negative vibrations. When the negative vibrations are 50% or more in an individual, it indicates severe spiritual distress; when the negative vibrations are 30 – 49%, it indicates medium spiritual distress and when the negative vibrations are less than 30%, it indicates mild spiritual distress.  Spiritual distress is due to spiritual reasons such as destiny, ancestral problems, etc. The interpretation of spiritual distress is understood by Saints and seekers who have a subtle perception ability.

The points ahead can be inferred from the above table.

After the Abhishek, the negative energy in seekers who had spiritual distress, reduced.

After the Abhishek, the positive energy in the seekers who had no spiritual distress, increased.

2. Analysis of readings

2A. Worship of Deity Shiva on Mahashivaratra reduces pressure caused by negative energies : On the night of Mahashivaratra, which comes on Magha Krushna Chaturdashi, Deity Shiva takes rest for one prahar (Sanskrut term for a unit of time, or subdivision of the day, approximately three hours) out of the four prahars in a day. (On Mahashivaratra the ritualistic worship of Deity Shiva is performed from 12 night to 1.30 a.m.) The science underlying the worship of Deity Shiva on Mahashivaratra is as follows. When Deity Shiva takes rest, He goes from the state of meditation (Dhyan) to a state of Super-consciousness (Samadhi), wherein the function of the Shiva Principle stops. This state of Samadhi is the period for Deity Shiva to perform His sadhana (Spiritual practice). In this period, the Shiva Principle does not absorb the Tama component or poison from the Earth or Universe, as a result of which the pressure from the negative energies increases tremendously in the Universe. To avoid its effect on humans, Bel leaves, white flowers and Rudraksha beads (which attract maximum of the Shiva Principle) are offered on the Shivapindi or by performing Abhishek the Shiva Principle from the atmosphere is attracted. Due to this, the effect from the pressure of negative energies cannot be felt. (Reference : Sanatan’s website)

2B.  The reason for reduction in the distress of seekers who had spiritual distress : Infrared is a type of negative energy which is an indicator of  the black covering around an individual.  Ultra-violet is a type of negative energy which is an indicator of the distressing energy in the centres within the body of an individual. Since the seeker in the study has spiritual distress, both the types of negative energies were detected in him before the Abhishek. After the Abhishek on the Shivapindi the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) emitting from it was absorbed by the seeker as per his ability, as a result of which, the distressing energy in the centres within his body and the black covering around his body reduced. Therefore, both the types of negative energies in him reduced.

2C.  The reason for the increase in the positive energy of the seeker who had no spiritual distress :  This seeker only had positive energy; hence, after Abhishek the Chaitanya emitting from the Shivapindi was absorbed by the seeker.

–  Mrs. Swati Vasant Sanas, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa (3.8.2020)

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