Unconditional apology by Amazon Prime!

Denigration of Hindu Deities in ‘Tandav’ web series

  • Effect of united opposition by Hindus!
  • Amazon Prime and various other OTT platforms are continuously insulting Hindu Deities through their web series. Therefore they should not be let scot-free with a mere apology. Only if efforts are made to punish such people, will they not stray the line!

New Delhi – Amazon Prime has tendered an unconditional apology over the blasphemous representation of Hindu Deities in its Tandav web series. It has also said on record that such scenes have been either deleted or edited. A case has been registered against the makers of this web series and it is still in process.

Amazon Prime has issued an apology saying, “Amazon Prime Video again deeply regrets that viewers considered certain scenes to be objectionable in the recently launched fictional series Tandav. This was never our intention, and the scenes that were objected to were removed or edited when they were brought to our attention. We respect our viewers’ diverse beliefs and apologise unconditionally to anyone who felt hurt by these scenes”.