Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to 3 years in jail on corruption charges

Sarkozy’s advocate and a judge also incriminated ! 

How many instances of corrupt Indians in such influential posts being punished have been seen till date?

Paris (France) – Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (66) has been convicted on charges corruption and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Sarkozy can appeal in a higher court.

Sarkozy has been found guilty of trying to illegally obtain information from a judge in return for promises to use influence to secure a prestigious job for the judge. The judge was presiding over another case that the former president is facing. Sarkozy was accused of obtaining illegal funds for his 2007 campaign.

His lawyer and the retired judge have also been incriminated. It is not for the first time a former president has been convicted for crime in France. Former president Jacques Chirac has also been convicted of a crime.