The former CEC seems to be bent on improving the image of Muslims while trying to project Hindus as religious fundamentalists

Muslim population can never exceed that of Hindus claims former Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi

Currently the population of Muslims  is 18%. Hindus fear that if another 10 to 12% are  added to it the clamour for a separate nation will start as history has shown us. So it is not necessary that they have to become an absolute majority to make this demand. It is evident now that the claim made by Quraishi is misleading the general public.

Quraishi is attempting to depict Hindus as liars and his own community as victims. Hindus must be vigilant of such attempts to target Hindus in the garb of social reform.

New Delhi – In a recent interview with an English daily S. Y. Quaishi, former Chief Election Commissioner said that ‘Hindu fundamentalists are making a false allegation that there is a Muslim conspiracy to increase their strength by increasing their population.  However, I am of the firm opinion that Muslims will never be able to increase their population in comparison to Hindus. In the past sixty years Hindu population has decreased from 84% to 79%  and muslim population has increased from 9% to 14%, however since Muslims are practicing family planning it is unlikely that even by the year 2100 Muslim population will exceed 18%’. In his new book titled ‘The population myth: Islam, Family Planning and politics in India’ he has described about the population situation in India. He mentioned that in Islam there are references to family planning and educative text. (Quraishi should point out to the relevant text in the holy Quran. Also it is important to know what the Islamic religious scholars have to say about this claim – Editor, Sanatan Prabhat)

Quraishi made the following points during the interview:

1. The actual conspiracy is being hatched by Hindu organisations. Many Hindu leaders are exhorting Hindus to have more children. They are falsely propagating and using slurs such as ‘We five – Ours fifty’ against Muslims. I throw an open challenge to bring forward a single Muslim person with five wives and twenty five offsprings. (One has to contemplate onthe compulsion to advise Hindu families to increase numbers? It is a known fact why and due to whom Hindus are feeling insecure in their own land. In society, there are numerous Muslim men having multiple wives. If Quraishi cannot see this or is oblivious of this fact then government agencies must come forward to introduce him to such families – Editor).

2. In the times of the Prophet, he had once imparted to a seeking individual that in Islam one is expected to marry only when the he is financially stable. As far as polygamy is concerned, there are very few cases among Muslims. A man is allowed to take on a second wife only if the second woman is unable to fend for herself and the man will be able to provide for both wives. Islam mandates this to permit polygamy. When this is the case many have wrongly misinterpreted as ‘Islam permits polygamy’. Also, if one man has multiple wives, then other men will find it difficult to find suitable partners.

3. Twenty five years ago, I was under the impression that Islam permits polygamy. However, when I studied Islam in earnest, I found that the Quran holds the opposite view.